ART CAR MUSEUM – New Exhibition:

Fernando CasasLIMITS AND PROXIMITIES, A survey of works spanning four decades
Susanne TheaSNAPSHOTS: Traveling with the Poet, Hans Christian Andersen

September 14, 2019 – November 17, 2019

OPENING Night– Saturday, September 14, 2019, 7 – 10 pm

Ann and James Harithas and the Art Car Museum are pleased to announce the opening of:
Fernando Casas, LIMITS AND PROXIMITIES, A survey of works spanning four decades
Susanne Thea, SNAPSHOTS: Traveling with the Poet, Hans Christian Andersen.

Fernando Casas is a philosopher, a masterful artist and draftsman. His most recent work – an installation of four large panels – The Fourfold, is the centerpiece of his exhibition. This new work is inspired by philosopher Martin Heidegger’s notion of the Fourfold – the four basic categories of reality that human beings inhabit: Earth, Sky, Mortals and the Immortals (the Divinities). The present work, however, modifies these categories by replacing the last one with the notion of The Immortal, that is, with the aspect of our human reality that is immortal: Mathematics, Philosophy, Logic, Science, and the values of Art, Ethics and Aesthetics. Casas believes that art is like philosophy and science, an endeavor to understand who we are. In Casas’ own words, “I hold the view that the great works of art of human history show us, every time anew, who we are, etc. For this and other reasons, I do not make a sharp separation between philosophy and art.”

Also included in this exhibit are never before shown drawings done in his country of origin, Bolivia. These are shown together with his typical large-scale oil paintings, mixed media pieces, drawings and prints that are part of the extensive body of work produced in his adoptive city of Houston.


Danish Artist, Susanne Thea, credits the inspiration for her current exhibition, SNAPSHOTS: Traveling with the author Hans Christian Andersen, to reading the two volumes of his diaries, The Poet’s Bazaar, written in 1842.

Thea refers to Andersen’s famous quote, “To travel is to live” and his subsequent travels, documented in detail in his diaries. He took the most modern, up to date transportation available at the time (steamboat, steam train & horse and carriage). Thea “mind traveled” via Google.

Thea has embraced this and traveled back in time, meeting & visiting with painters, listening to composers and reading the philosophers. She has mixed it all up in pictures, bringing it into the now, with dreams of the future. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s paper cuts of women, Thea has chosen to tell these stories in the skirts of women, depicting the author’s Fairy Tales as well as the escapades of his travels.

The intimate, dreamlike, hand-colored copper etchings are like illustrations in a book, inviting the viewer to be curious and explore with the artist and the author. Thea hopes to spark curiosity in the viewer to “turn the page” and explore what the next skirt in the exhibition reveals or maybe find themselves on a steam train, traveling with the poet and the artist.

The Opening Night event takes place on Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 7 – 10 pm, at the Art Car Museum, 140 Heights Boulevard. Free parking has been arranged by the museum at the Multi-Service Center, just north of the museum. Follow the signs.

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