Art Car Museum

Attention Artists: CALL for ENTRIES

12th Annual Open Call Show: “TRUMP THIS!”

Opening: Saturday, September 9, 2017 – November 19,2017
NOTE: This year submission requirements are new and quite different.
Registration will be strictly by email, (please complete entry form) 2017-Open Call Entry Form-TRUMP THIS! on Sunday, August 13th,2017 from 11am-6pm, (or until we reach our maximum of 100 entries) at:

1. Be one of the first 100 artists to email in with your entry information. Do not bring your artwork to the museum at this time. When you email in, you will need to provide a good clear photo of your artwork. The artwork must be ready and photographed by the middle of August .
2. We request that your artwork follow the “TRUMP THIS!” Theme.
3. Maximum size is 4 feet by 4 feet.
4. ONE piece per artist; no triptychs/diptychs/multiples.
5. Work must be ready in mid-August 2017 for photographing before email day.
Email DAY is Sunday, August 13th, 2017
Starting 11 am – 6pm (or until we reach our 100 limit)
Delivery to the Art Car Musuem on August 24th – 26th. It must be ready to hang or place.
6.Please see attached Entry Form with vital information to be included with your entry.
7.You will receive a confirmation email from the ACM to let you know your status. (whether you got in or not!)
NOTE: Please keep in mind the audience at the museum is Family Oriented and so please respect that when coming up with your pieces.

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