The first french Art Car Parade 2004 in Audincourt, France. Photos by Tom Massimin.

Ann and James Harithas and The Art Car Museum are proud to present our Summer Exhibition 2016, held over due to popular demand! Lowriders of Corpus Christi, photos by Irvin Tepper, To Inhabit, photos by Mark Chen as well as Art Car World, photos by Tom Massimin.

Originally curated by Ann Harithas for the Nave Museum, in Victoria, Texas, Irvin Tepper’s Lowriders of Corpus Christi immerses the viewer in lowrider car culture. Tepper transforms the street artistry of the lowriders of Corpus Christi into a medium suitable for the walls of an art museum and reveals the gold plated, custom engraved engines, and lavish upholsteries to be just as spectacular as the elaborate metal-flake and airbrush painted exteriors. This uniquely American art form has deep roots in Texas and California. One of the centers of the lowrider culture is Corpus Christi, Texas. The lowrider vehicle brings together, through the car as object d’art, issues of personal expression, cultural identity and community pride.

Environmental activist/photographer Mark Chen’s series To Inhabit consists of videos and photographs focusing on fossil-fuel induced climate change. Through lenticular prints that enable separate viewpoints to be presented within one image through the shifting of one’s viewing angle, Chen provides three scenarios for the viewer to contemplate. One view presents a recognizable cityscape or landscape as it currently exists; another predicts that area’s flooded future; and the third shows the area with wind turbines, as an alternative energy solution to mitigate the dire outcome. Chen’s work delights the eye as well as challenging the mind and stimulates discussion around new ways of seeing and approaching our shared future.

Tom Massimin’s, Art Car World, is a colorful array of photographs of art cars from over the years and rounds out our summer exhibit.

The Opening Night event takes place on June 18, 2016, from 7:00-10:00pm, at the Art Car Museum, 140 Heights Blvd.

Artist Mark Chen will be giving a talk on our opening evening.

Free parking has been arranged by the museum at the Multi-Service Center, just north of the museum. Follow the signs.